Partnership codex

This document has been defined to be the appendix I of the agreements forms.

The aim of the FORTUNE framework is to support and improve user involvement in European and national R&D projects. We hope that such a co-operation will be beneficial for the projects, the partners in the project and finally the end-users of the products of services.

The co-operation will be based upon the spirit of partnership and will have a positive approach. Partnership means the state of being of a person or organisation who shares or takes part with others in a project or business with shared risks and profits. (cfr. The Concise Oxford, 1990)
Partnership can be viewed as a key notion of the FORTUNE framework. This idea enables us to connect two worlds:

R&D with Users.

The idea ‘partnership’ has different aspects:

The FORTUNE framework define partnership as a common affair and a challenge that supposes a necessary contribution of different parties. Form the point of view of the FORTUNE framework the own contribution of the partners and the responsibility for the quality of the contribution has to be emphasised. Common affair means to share a positive attitude with respect and recognise equal status.

Somebody can make his/ her specific personal contribution when S/he is responsible for this contribution and s/he receives a retribution.

Importance of partnership in FORTUNE
The central quest and challenge of the FORTUNE framework is to bring together user expertise and technical expertise in mutual recognition where both parts provide their specific knowledge. The aim is to achieve the best progress and result in R&D projects.

Different roles

Therefore it is important to achieve consensus about roles and contributions before and starting reflecting a form of co-operation. It is very useful to reflect on the co-operation during a project.