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The ultimate goal of the education part in the FORTUNE coherence is to support user participation in European R&D activities by qualifying more users with disabilities.
At the forefront of this effort are the partners in the Fortune project who are specialised in R&D, information and advisory activities, user involvement and training in the field of assistive technology.

FORTUNE executed the training in two steps, first on national level an introduction to the learning method and the content. Following by an international seminar with more in-depth discussions and exchange. In the national and international course special consideration should be given to the different aspects of training people with disabilities.

To accomplish our objectives for the education we rely on curriculum design philosophies that reflects the central learning position of our different target groups. The main philosophy as reflected in Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is used.
In our approach we not only want to transfer knowledge to the students, but we mainly want to help them constructing knowledge on the different topics addressed in the curriculum. While content always plays an important role in our work, finding the most effective ways to package and deliver content is the key to successful imple-mentation. This requires an in-depth understanding of presentation and production values as the ability to actually apply them.

The FORTUNE Curriculum can be downloaded here (PDF-File).

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