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FORTUNE has elaborated a framework to support the practical implementation of user participation through a set of documents:

The FORTUNE partnership codex.
It describes the importance and understanding of partnership.

The FORTUNE shopping list.
It exemplarily indicate which type of tasks could be specified for the cooperation of users in a project.
In concrete cases, concrete tasks should be agreed upon.

The FORTUNE agreement between user-organisation (FORTUNE) and project (1).

The FORTUNE agreement between user-organisation (FORTUNE) and the users (2).
The two agreements are of similar content and describe the mutula relationships between the three parties user-organisation, user and project.

The FORTUNE concept of user participation.
This FORTUNE concept describes the characteristics of the ideal model of user participation as agreed in the FORTUNE project. It is a guideline on how to set up user participation.
It can further serve as a reference model to compare concrete implementations of user participation. To support this assessment criteria and possible indicators are added.

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News-Sign FORTUNE Screensaver.
Let the 7 principles whirl over your screen!

The 7 principles of user participation are available as a screensaver,
compatible for Windows 95/98 (Size: xxKB).

Methods and Experiences of User Participation.
Survey and Selection of Methods.

This document briefly describes the evolution and the basic thinking behind user participation.
Users, as we define them, are people with disabilities and older people themselves. In order to understand a development process in general, and to see where different methods of user participatin fit in, the project life cycle and the value chain are described.
Similarly, traditional ways of organising project work is outlined. User participation can very well be integrated in different organisational structures of project work, in project teams, project steering groups, reference groups, working groups, in consultancy groups, a.o.

This publication describes different methods for user participation and focuses on a selection on it. The selected ways are described and alternatives way related to different circumstances are presented.

All in all, this is the basic introduction and background to the FORTUNE training course materials.

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Methods and Experiences of User Participation.
Inventory of Experiences and Contacts.

The FORTUNE project has implemented national contact centres in almost every European country. These institutions and organisations were involved in the inventory on the experience of user participation in R&D oriented work and in the dissemination of the FORTUNE results.

Please visit the European Contact site for further information on all national contacts in Europe.

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