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Swiss Flag Switzerland.

Swiss Foundation for Rehabilitation Technology.
Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
Jean-Claude Gabus.

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FORTUNE European Contact Report.

This publication is dealing with the report of Switzerland on experiences of user participation in R&D oriented work.


The Swiss Foundation for Rehabilitation Technology (FST) is specialised in low and high tech RT products (as well as services linked to them). FST involves users in different stages of the R&D evaluation process, especially in the field of EU projects. Further FST offers different training courses in the field of AT. These courses shall address professionals (e.g. therapists, educators, teachers, social workers), people living with devices and parents of handicapped people. For example, FST organises a 4-days workshop about alternative and augmentative communication aids, a 3-days one about special ergonomic computer keyboards emulation, a 2 or 4-days workshop about environmental control systems. The training is available in all RT areas.

PDF-Download of Swiss Report (478KB).

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