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The 7 Principles.

As an ideal model, the FORTUNE concept refers to a vision on how user participation in a project should take place. The 7 principles describe the ideal model.

The principles are now presented in the format:

Principle 1.
Co-operation is based on the idea of partnership.

  • Partnership on equal level, with mutual respect.
  • Co-operative attitude.
  • Sharing a common affair, responsibility and influence, risk and benefit.
  • Looking for solutions, not for problems.

Principle 2.
User-Organisation Based.
Users are members or respresentatives of an organisation of end-users.
  • Representing more than the individual (own) case.
  • Having support of the organisation for practical matters and for getting feedback from other members.

Principle 3.
Equal Payment.
Users receive payments on the same basis as all other partners.
  • All partners in the project receive appropriate payments for their contribution.
  • The contribution of users is not handled as a volunteering activity, but as a fully valuable contribution to the project.

Principle 4.
All project materials, communications and premises are made accessible to the users.
  • Alternative formats for print material,
  • Appropriate communication media,
  • Accessible meeting sites, rooms and hotel accommodation,
  • Personal assistance.

Principle 5.
Qualified Staff.
Every partner has to provide qualified staff members to the project.
  • Staff members provide the right attitude, respect, expertise and skills for the project.
  • They accept project rules and constraints like timing, budgets, confidentiality, etc.

Principle 6.
Sound Plan.
The project plan contains appropriate workpackages and tasks of user participation.
  • User participation is planned and described with the same detail as all other items of the project plan, including responsibilities, methods, timing and budgets.

Principle 7.
Early Involvement.
Users are partners from the very beginning of a projct.
  • Users are already involved in the first steps of creating a project,
  • identifying the project idea,
  • creation of the consortium,
  • project planning.

With these 7 principles the FORTUNE concept formulates the vision of the ideal model of user participation in projects. The idea is to strive for getting as close to the ideal in reality as possible. Hence, the FORTUNE concept is of high importance for the various parties involved in R&D:

  • for funding institutions:
    as a guideline to be used in the evaluation of project's results and methodology.
  • for user associations:
    to assess and control user involvement in project.
  • for industries and R&D institutions:
    as a practical tool to consider the basic aspects of a good user involvement, and therefore the main actions to be undertaken in order to obtain the maximum benefit from the users' work in their projects.
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